Please note – all ppt slides on this website are in “Read Only” format, after you download the ppt, click on “Read Only” to access the ppts. No password is needed to view the slides.

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures 

  1. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Notes (pdf)
  2. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Activity (ppt)
    • Includes an interactive activity where students can guess if a substance is an Element, Compound, or Mixture
  3. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Cut & Paste Activity (pdf)
    • Students will cut out and match atomic models with their formulas
  4. Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Identification Worksheet (pdf)
  5. Lego Activity: Using Legos to represent Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures (pdf)
  6. BBC Bitesize: Interactive Video for Compounds and Mixtures (link)
  7. Read About it: BrainPOP – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
  8. BrainPOP: Mixtures and Compounds Quiz
  9. Rainbow Lab (pdf)
    • Students will make the colors of the rainbow using food coloring and test tubes
  10. Chromatography Lab (pdf)
    • students will separate the dyes found in markers
  11. BBC Bitesize : Interactive Video for Solutions (link)
  12. Matter Vocabulary – Cut & Paste (pdf)
  13. Properties of Matter Study Guide (ppt)


  1. Atoms Vocabulary – Cut & Paste (pdf)
  2. BrainPop Atomic Models Notes (pdf) using video
  3. Atomic Model Timeline Foldable/Flaps (pdf) using video
  4. Atomic Model Timeline Notes (pdf)
  5. BrainPOP Activity Sheet: Atoms Adv. Activity
  6. FYI: BrainPOP Gold Foil Experiment
  7. FYI: BrainPOP Niels Bohr
  8. “Atoms Family” Notes (pdf) and ppt slides
  9. Periodic Table Reference Handout (pdf)
  10. BrainPOP FYI: Mendeleev
  11. BrainPOP FYI: Language, Periodic Table Elements
  12. Periodic Videos (original website link) or the Ted-Ed Version (link)
    • LOVE this website, they have videos for each element and the kids really enjoy them
  13. Coloring the Periodic Table Notes (pdf) and Coloring the Periodic Table of Elements (ppt)
  14. How to determine the number of valence electrons and shells using the element’s group number and period – Notes (pdf) and Slides (ppt)
  15. “Find that Element!” Worksheet (pdf)- Practice finding the period & group for Elements
  16. Bohr Diagrams Notes (pdf), ppt slides, and practice Worksheet (pdf)
    • Step by step tutorial on how to draw basic Bohr Diagrams
  17. Lewis Structures Notes Page 1 & Page 2 (pdf), ppt slides, and practice worksheet (pdf)
    • Step by step on how to draw Lewis Structures for the first 20 elements

Atomic Bonding (updated 1.24.15)

  1. Ions “Cut & Paste” vocabulary words – worksheet (pdf)
  2. Ionic or Covalent Bonds – Notes handout (pdf)
  3. Ionic or Covalent Bonds? Students will practice using the periodic table to identify Ionic and Covalent Bonds worksheet (pdf)
  4. Making Molecular Models Activity – students will practice how to read formulas, practice Ionic and Covalent bonding, create models to show atomic structure, and have a better understanding of basic chemistry – handout (pdf) and answer key (ppt)
  5. Counting Atoms – students will practice reading formulas and counting atoms (pdf)
  6. Bond with a classmate activity – an active way to practice bonding and naming binary compounds, each student is an element and has to partner up with another element to create a bond and name the newly formed compound. Worksheet/Handout (pdf) and element tags (pdf)
  7. Naming Binary Compounds Study Guide – students will practice on their own after completing the in class activity for Bond with a Classmate – worksheet (pdf)
  8. Balancing Chemical Equations Activity – one of my long time favorite activities. Students will learn how to read formulas, count atoms, create and read chemical equations, and balance chemical equations using a hands on activity with color coded formulas:

Atomic Bomb

  1. Einstein’s letter to President Franklin Roosevelt (Link)
  2. FDR’s letter to Einstein (Link)
  3. BBC Documentary – Einstein and Atomic Weapons (Link)
  4. BrainPOP FYI: Robert Oppenheimer
  5. BrainPOP FYI: Radioactivity and Comic Books
  6. Youtube video of every nuclear detonation – shortened version or (longer version here)
    • this is a fascinating video that I show to my students as part of our unit on the history of the Atomic Bomb
  7. “Fat Man and Little Boy” – Movie clips

pH, Acids, and Bases (coming soon) resources

  1. BrainPOP – Acids/Bases Quiz
  2. BrainPOP – FYI – Gastric Acid
  3. BrainPOP – pH Quiz
  4. BrainPOP – FYI – Gastric Acid
  5. BrainPOP – pH Quiz

4 thoughts on “Chemistry

  1. Lisa January 21, 2015 / 6:47 pm

    I am glad this is still available- I love your style of teaching and it helped me get through my first few years of teaching at a low SES school with no science resources~ Thank you


    • Liz LaRosa January 22, 2015 / 2:43 am

      Lisa – that is so great to hear, we should all help each other since we all have the same goal, but we don’t all have the same resources or experiences. I am still learning from other teachers, too. Liz


  2. Nikki Sims January 24, 2015 / 7:04 pm

    Hi! I love the worksheet you created on finding the valance electrons. I tried to download the powerpoint slides that go along with the work sheet but it says something about the file being password protected. Is there another way that you can send it to me? I would love to use it in my 7th grade science classroom. Thanks!!


    • Liz LaRosa January 24, 2015 / 7:24 pm

      Hi Nikki, The power points are in a ‘read only’ format and can be used by anyone, they just can’t be saved and edited. A lot of the ppts I make are posted in places I don’t want them to be, for example on Teachers Pay Teachers or on other websites, so that is why they are in Read Only and can be used by accessing the link. Thank you for understanding. Liz


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