Back to School: Group Ice Breakers

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On the first day of school as part of our advisory period, we gather the 6th graders together (about 40 students) and take them outside to do this ice breaker as a whole class. The 5 advisors model how to do this activity and then we hand each student a card and allow them to mingle and mix for about 10-15 minutes.

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Strike a Pose

I am not really sure what the name of this activity is, so I just call it “strike a pose” – if you know what it is, please let me know in the comments so I can update it 🙂

This is also a really fun large group activity where the kids get to run around outside and make different poses. Start off with everyone just mingling around, and then you call out a “pose” for them to strike. When starting this activity, use multiples that total the number of students you have so that no one is left out in the first few rounds. For example, it you have 40 students, you can do poses that need a pair of students, a group of 4, a group of 5, etc. Then, after a few rounds, you pick a number that does not fit evenly. Mix up the groupings randomly, they have to figure out how many people to complete the pose. The students that don’t pair up with someone, will then sit out. You can keep going until you have a handful of students left or restart at any time. This is really fun and the kids will grab anyone near them to complete the pose!

Examples of Poses:

  • Single: Statue of Liberty, Michael Jackson, Spider Man, Hulk, a bowler
  • Duos: Batman & Robin, Sonny & Cher, Tennis Partners, Woody & Buzz
  • Trios: Charlie’s Angels, Nirvana, Jonas Brothers, Three Musketeers
  • Group of 4: Beatles, Fantastic 4, Ghost Busters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Group of 5: Basketball team, The Incredibles, Jackson 5,
  • Group of 6: Brady Bunch, Volleyball Team, Cast of “Friends”
  • Group of 9: Baseball /SoftballTeam
  • Everyone – class of 20XX
  • etc…

Please add additional ice breakers in the comment section!


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