Tasks 4, 5, & 6

Time zones, State Facts, and Weather Symbols

(updated 3/30/15)

Task 4  – Time zones:

  1. Record today’s Weather & Astronomy Data (link) (excel).
  2. What time zone is your city in? The information is posted on the weather site, can you find it?
  3. Using this website (link/pdf) draw lines on your blank USA map (link) to represent each time zone. Identify and label each one.
  4. Answer the following questions by adding it to your map:
    • How many time zones are there in the United States?
    • Is your city in the same timezone as New Jersey?
      • If not, what is the difference in time?

Task 5 – State Facts

  1. Record today’s Weather & Astronomy Data (link) (excel)
  2. Create a Google Doc comparing your adopted state to NJ, use charts or tables, and print out when completed.
    • Sources

State Facts

  1. State capital
  2. State Nickname
  3. State motto
  4. Population of state
  5. Largest city
    • Population of largest city
  6. Fun Fact of your choice
  7. Admission to statehood
    • When did the states become an official state of the union? (Month, day and year)
  8. Out of the 50 states, New Jersey is # ______ your state is # _________ .
  9. State Flag – compare the flag of New Jersey to your adopted state:
    • Image of state flag
    • Words/phrases/slogans?
    • Symbols and what they represent
  10. Is there a song that mentions your state or your city?


Task 6 – Weather Symbols

  1. Record today’s Weather, yesterday’s Hi/Lo/Precipitation, & Astronomy Data (link) (excel).
  2. Weather Symbols Reference Handout (link)
  3. Read pages 132-133  in your Weather Guide about Station Models

The following will be graded for accuracy:

  1. Practice using weather station symbols – worksheet (pdf)
    • have this checked by me when done
  2. Create a Weather Station Model (WSM) for your city and NJ on your mini-map (pdf)
    • Add your city’s WSM to the classroom map of the USA (pdf) using an EXPO marker
  3. On your mini-map, lightly color in any areas of precipitation according to the national radar (link) using the colors shown.
    • Be sure you can see the 48 continental states on the map at once
    • Make a key to show areas of rain (green) and snow (blue)
      • have this checked by me when done

All tasks:

2 thoughts on “Tasks 4, 5, & 6

  1. Haley December 14, 2015 / 7:35 pm

    Hi Liz – Just wondering what the “Weather Guide” is that you refer to? Is it a textbook-like resource that your students have? Thanks!


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