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Our 7th grade science teachers, including me, are testing out the CK-12 online textbook and resources this year. We have a 1-1, 24/7, laptop program where 7th and 8th graders have school issued laptops and can bring them home at night and on the weekends.

You can create your own textbook from scratch by making selections from the thousands of resources, or use the one they have as a guide and pick and choose what you would like the students to access.

You can create your own group, invite students join, assign reading or quiz assignments, and check on their progress.

Has anyone else tried CK-12? If so, would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Here is the life science Flex-Book: 


3 thoughts on “CK-12 Online Textbook

  1. Erin Simpson September 29, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    I use the Flexbook in my afternoon enrichment science class and love it! I am also a big follower of your website.

    Erin Simpson


  2. John Gorman September 28, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    Regarding C-K12
    I’ve used it for 2 years as a textbook source instead of buying an Astronomy unit book for 6th grade. I like the ability to edit and then download for printing in small increments. I think it would be an excellent tool for on-line use by students. The only drawback I’ve had is the PDF format which is not easy to manipulat unless you are trained in ADOBE (which is NOT easy if you are used to the Microsoft world). I chose to copy the pdf into Word so I could manipulate like I am used to.
    Some of the ‘ready made” content areas in CK12 are adquate; but it does take some time to streamline and adapt for more focused use.


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