On this page you will find websites created by science teachers and lots of great resources and ideas. If you have a website or blog, or know of one, dedicated to teaching science, please let me know and I can add it to this site.

  • The Science Spot – Tracy’s website has been on the web for many years, she has lots of great resources to use in your classroom
  • Marcia’s Science Teaching Ideas – Marcia is a retired science teacher and has lots of great activities and resources posted on her site
  • Science with Mr. Enns – he recently updated his website and he has even more fabulous handouts and information for different branches of science
  • New York Science Teacher – a collection of teacher created and shared lessons, lots of stuff to pick from!
  • Tyler DeWitt – GREAT collection of Chemistry videos/tutorials, mostly geared towards High School Chem, but has topics we cover in Middle School.

19 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. Anonymous March 6, 2022 / 10:06 pm

    I have maintained a middle school science curriculum web site that is in Public Domain. The curriculum is hands-on, if you want to it can be self-paced, and it is an inquiry based learning. The Level II is the Particle Model (chemistry), Level III are shorter units Environment, Why You are You (Genetics), Investigating Variation (measuring and statistics), and Winds and Weather. All are PDF copies of the Books. There is a Level II Teachers Edition too. My information is on the site if you need to contact me.
    The link is: https://sites.google.com/view/iscs-curriculum-page/


  2. Lisa January 18, 2022 / 8:28 am

    I know that this is not a current blog, as I see the dates of other comments. However, the New York Science Teacher link is so helpful that I wanted to say thank you to anyone who might still see this.


    • Liz Belasic January 18, 2022 / 3:16 pm

      glad to hear the link is still working and helpful!


    • Penny February 9, 2022 / 11:40 pm

      I wish the PDF for the moon phase flip book was still working! Now I have to make my own. 🙂


  3. Cheryl Roberts-Prior May 19, 2019 / 10:58 am

    Thanks for sharing all of your resources. I am getting ready to use the planet trading cards- such a great way for students to learn about the planets. I love the idea of having the science prompts ready for the entire year. I do a science starter every day at the beginning of class and post them for the week as things are always changing for me. Amazing site, thanks again!


  4. Katrina September 23, 2018 / 9:39 am

    Thank you for the information you have provided! It is so helpful and great for ideas. I am a 2nd year teacher and am always looking for inspirations.

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    • Liz LaRosa September 23, 2018 / 8:51 pm

      Thx for letting me know! Have a great school year!


  5. Anonymous April 3, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Thank you for sharing! I will definitely check out the information provided by Mr. Enns when I begin teaching. It is so detailed and organized. If anyone is interested, I have posted a link below to a website that also has lesson plans and activities ideas.


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  6. Tara Spitzer-List May 25, 2017 / 7:46 am

    This is a great list!! I love your website and a few others, and there were a few on here I hadn’t heard of that I am going to visit now (especially Science with Mr. Enns). Thank you for all your hard work!!

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  7. sciteaching October 20, 2016 / 4:38 pm

    Hi there! I was trying to find a way to contact you, so I guess I’ll leave a comment 🙂 Your readers might be interested in my blog – https://scienceteaching.info/

    In particular, the ‘Active Learning Ideas’ page under ‘For Your Class’ – a huge list of pedagogy to liven up content delivery!

    I also have a blog about the life of being a science teacher, which might be of interest to people too.

    Thanks! 🙂

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  8. Ms. Heidi September 28, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    Your website is a treasure trove. Thanks SO MUCH for posting all this and not charging to share. Collaboration is key and students win when we all work together to create the best lessons possible. Thank you!!

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    • Liz LaRosa September 30, 2016 / 10:35 am

      Thank you! Have a great school year 🙂


  9. Tara September 18, 2015 / 2:40 pm

    I love your site! I have been referring to this site for years. However, I’m not exactly sure how to use your notes. It seems that the first page has a spot to glue and the second page is full. How do you use it?


    • Liz LaRosa September 19, 2015 / 12:39 am

      Thank you! For the notes, the ones that have a spot to glue are for interactive notebooks, you photocopy it two sided and then fold them in half to glue into a notebook. You can use them as regular handouts by covering up the glue side with white paper. ~Liz


  10. brookedavis@centurytel.net May 17, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    Thanks! That really helped.


  11. Helen Copeland March 24, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    How do you get to use your “Color the periodic table” PowerPoint? On Liz’s site we could use it, it was hyperlinked.


    • Liz LaRosa March 24, 2015 / 9:37 pm

      Hi Helen ~ This is Liz, the link to the ppt is posted on my Chemistry page. Once you download it, you can open it as a ‘read only’ and use it with your classes.


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