Earth Science

Please note – all ppt slides on this website are in “Read Only” format, after you download the ppt, click on “Read Only” to access the ppts. No password is needed to view the slides.


Rocks & Minerals (under construction 1.25.15)

  • Rocks, Gems, and Minerals Guide” – I have a classroom set of these and recommend them since they are inexpensive, have a great deal of information, and are age appropriate. I have other guides in my classroom as well that are more detailed to use as additional reference guides
  • The Sterling Hill Mining Museum – a former mine turned into a museum, they have an amazing collection of minerals and a wonderful place to visit!
  •’s Mineral Page has tons of information and images of minerals (link)
  • Mineralogy 4 Kids website (link)
  • Minerals Vocab cut & paste (pdf)
  • What is a mineral? Students will learn the characteristics of minerals and then classify items as either minerals or non-minerals – Notes (pdf) & slides (ppt) & mineral identification reference notes (pdf)
  • Minerals in your home worksheet (pdf) and updated website (link)
  • Crystal Shapes/Systems information (link)
  • Graphic Organizers for types of minerals and slides (ppt)
    • Silicate Minerals handout (pdf) 
    • Non-silicate Minerals handout (pdf)
  • Moh’s Hardness Scale handout (pdf)


Plate Tectonics




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